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Picasso, Black, Modigliani, Matisse, and other modern artists were all inspired by African, Oceania, or primitive art.

Their visions which came from African art give us interesting configurations’, forms, expressions, and material textures that attract people’s feelings and emotions. It has the power to influence our hearts and we become captivated by its mysterious beauty. Over several hundred years, each tribe selected forms and expressions uniquely derived from their roots. More and more their works of art were inspired by their spirit and we too can experience their hopes of surviving, existing, and living. These are the origins of their spiritual creation. We who live in modern times can be inspired by African art.

The African Art Museum was established in an area which is surrounded by the beautiful south Alps, Mount Fuji, and Mount Kaikoma in Hokuto-shi. In Japan, this is the first and the only museum to introduce the world’s important African art collections from the pre-Christian to the modern period. Moreover, African Art Museum will introduce minority tribal arts from Asia, Oceania, Indonesia, The Philippines, Taiwan, and the Himalayan region.


1900 African objects including masks, statures, musical instruments, textiles, accessories, tools and weapons. The additional 700 objects of minority tribal arts from Oceania, Indonesia, Asia, the philippines, and the Himalayan region.