October 4, – November 30, 2018
Straight lines, flat surfaces, cubes, perfect circles, vertical, horizontal, symmetry, repeating the same pattern, or realism like a photography were thought to be the most sophisticated and beautiful forms in Europe that had been pursued since the ancient Greek era to the modern time. In the early 20th century, Pablo Picasso wondered how he could break through a stagnation after the post impressionism including Cezanne. When he saw African art for the first time in 1904, he quickly figured it out that African art has denied the definition of the European beauty which he had never doubted until then. It influenced him to paint “The Young Ladies of Avignon” in 1907 that eventually leaded to the art movement called “cubism”. This exhibition introduces unexpected ways of deformations, interesting forms, expressions, material textures which were created through African spirit that are not explainable by realism like the western civilization. These configurations have the strong power to inspire people’s feelings and emotions.
Nominal support: Embassy of the Republic of Mali, Embassy of Burkina Faso, Embassy of the Republic of Cote d’Ivoire, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon, Embassy of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Hokuto City, Hokuto City Board of Education, YBS Yamanashi Broadcast, UTY Yamanashi, Nihon Network Service, Yamanashi Nichinichi Shinbun, The Asahi Shinbun Yamanashi-prefecture, The Mainichi Daily News Yamanashi prefecture, The daily Yomiuri Yamanashi prefecture, Yatsugatake Journal, Yamanashi Shinpou, and FM Yatsugatake
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