The First part of its exhibition starts from July 1 - September 14, 2020.
The Second part starts from September 17 - November 30, 2020.
Diverse ethnic groups of the native people live in the world, so that they have developed original culture while their living. Each of them has various rituals and customs that statues, masks, textiles, or tools with unique patterns and forms were created for these. This exhibition introduces distinctive artworks of the various native people from Africa, Oceania, Indonesia, Philippines, Himalaya, and Asia. It is to celebrate 10th anniversary of the museum that the first part of the exhibition will be consisted of the artworks from African and Oceania. The second part will introduce the artworks from Africa, Indonesia, Philippines, Himalaya, and Asia selected the most extraordinary piece among our collection. In addition, we exhibit completely different objects in the first and second part of the exhibition.
Nominal support: Embassy of the Republic of Mali, Embassy of Burkina Faso, Embassy of the Republic of Cote d’Ivoire, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon, Embassy of Democratic Republic of Congo, Australian Embassy, New Zealand Embassy, Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, Royal Thai Embassy, Honorary Consulate-General of the Kingdom of Bhutan, Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines, Embassy of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Hokuto City, Hokuto City Board of Education, YBS Yamanashi Broadcast, Yamanashi Nichinichi Shinbun, The Asahi Shinbun Kofu General Branch, The Mainichi Daily News Kofu Branch, The daily Yomiuri Kofu Branch, Yatsugatake Journal, and FM Yatsugatake.
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