September 30  - November 29, 2021.
The world has been facing such a difficult time since Covid-19 was widely spread out. The museum’s 10th opening anniversary introducing representative works in our African art collection was canceled and could not organize it in year 2020. As a result, The museum has decided to expand three special exhibitions throughout the year for displaying the most remarkable works of our African art collection this year.
Not only Picasso or Black, Modigliani, Matisse, Klee, Leger, Brancusi, Giacometti, Henry Moore, and many other artists whom lived in Paris during early 20th century were all inspired by African art. Their visions which came from African art give us interesting configurations’, forms, expressions, and material textures that attract people’s feelings and emotions. It has the power to influence our hearts and we become captivated by its mysterious beauty. Over several hundred years, each ethnic groups selected forms and expressions uniquely derived from their roots. More and more their works of art were inspired by their spirit and we too can experience their hopes of surviving, existing, and living. These are the origins of their spiritual creation. We who live in modern times can be inspired by African art. This exhibition introduces artworks from Gabon, Congo, Angola, and Tanzania located in the center Africa that were said to present the greater impact among African art.
Closed=Tuesday and Wednesday (open on holidays, and every day in July and August)
Displayed artworks will be completely changed in the first and second half of the exhibition.
Nominal support: Embassy of the Republic of Mali, Embassy of Burkina Faso, Embassy of the Republic of Cote d’Ivoire, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon, Embassy of Democratic Republic of Congo, Hokuto City, Hokuto City Board of Education, YBS Yamanashi Broadcast, Yamanashi Nichinichi Shinbun, The Asahi Shinbun Kofu General Branch, The Mainichi Daily News Kofu Branch, The daily Yomiuri Kofu Branch, Yatsugatake Journal, and FM Yatsugatake.